Sicilian Sweet Cheese Dip
Suprefina ricotta cheese blended with native Sicilian blood oranges and a touch of brandy. Great with everything from fruit to bagles to crostini. One taste & you’ll be hooked!

Tomato Bruschetta
Fresh tomatoes and onions with herbs = WOW! Our touch of special sweetness & spices makes Nani’s just outstanding have customers saying, "That's the best bruschetta I've ever had!"

Olive Bruschetta
If you love olives and garlic then this one is for you! Wonderful assortment of olives blends with roasted garlic and vinegars. Place a dab of cream cheese on a cracker and top with our olive bruschetta and you'll have one great appetizer!

Artichoke Bruschetta
Chopped and marinated artichoke hearts with roasted garlic and a hint of lemon olive oil make this a specialty of the house! A great toping with chicken fish and crakers!

Red Wine Peppadew Sauce
This creamy, red wine vinegarette with minced peppadews is the perfect mix of sweetness, tang and spice. A great sauce for dipping beef or chicken and an awesome way to impress your friends.

Creamy Fresh Herb Sauce
Made with roasted garlic and fresh herbs, this low-fat cream sauce is the perfect compliment to chicken, fish and beef. It will make almost any entree fantastic!

Lemon Cream Sauce
Made with fresh lemons and lemon pepper seasoning, this creamy dip is great for dipping everything from artichoke fritters to chicken nuggets.

Blueberry-Mango Salsa
Blueberries & Mangoes make up this refreshing tropical salsa. This amazing item has now developed a "cult-like" following. It's great on chicken, it's great on fish, it's great with hint-of-lime chips,'s just great on just about everything!

Nani’s Marinara Sauce
Nani’s secret recipe made by our family for generations, now available especially for your family. Always fresh, flavorful, and fabulous!